Online Course

Cost of Course: £15

Length of Course: 2 hours

Candidates:  All those who are handling food or drink that is supplied to customers (including patients, clients and residents)

Aims and Objectives: 

Upon completion of this course candidates will demonstrate food hygiene awareness and have an appreciation of their role in the prevention of infection through food safety.

Course Content

-   Understand the importance of food safety, including hygiene, in the preparation and handling of      food.

-   Understand the importance of wearing PPE, and good hand washing technique in the handling of food.

-   Recognise the symptoms of food poisoning and how it occurs

-   Differentiate between food intoxication and food infection.

-   How bacteria multiplies and how to prevent bacteria from multiplying

-   Know how to safely and correctly store food

-   Correct and safe waste disposal.

-   Gain knowledge on the use of food boards, cleaning and disinfecting worktops



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