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ADMINISTRATION OF MEDICATIONS update for Health Care Workers

Cost of Course: £30

Length of Course: Half-Day

Candidates: Health care workers in a domicillary setting.

Course content:

-Understand your role in the safe administration of medicines.

-Outline factors contributing to drug errors

-Discuss ways of minimising clinical risk

-Explain how client safety, compliance and well being can be enhanced

-Explain requirements for valid consent.

-To update on NMC Standards for medicines management 2010.

-To outline the legal and professional requirements regarding the Administration of Medicines.

-To identify the need for an effective strategy for managing clinical risk.

Course Content

-The 5 wrongs

-Why do mistakes happen

-Medication incidents

-Accountability and Drug Administration

-NMC Code of Conduct and Guidelines

-Record Keeping

- Basic drug calculations


YOU CAN ALSO DO THIS COURSE ONLINE AT www.the-care-college.co.uk