Wednesday, October 21, 2020
9:30 am

Basic Life Support-Wednesday 21st October 2020


Basic Life Support (BLS) course covering the up to date skills in CPR (both Adult and Paed), choking, dealing with an unconscious casualty, and practice and use of AEDs.

Every candidate will have their own adult, child, and baby manikin. These will be sanitised between each course.
Mouth-to-mouth will not be practiced.
Every candidate will have their own defibrillator. These will be sanitised between each course.
Candidates will observe recovery position, but will not practice it.
10:00 am

Full day - MH and BLS Wednesday 21st October 2020



Basic Life Support and Moving and Handling in one day.


Do not attend the course if presenting with symptoms, or if anyone in your household has symptoms of Covid-19

All candidates will have temperatures checked on arrival. If you present with a temperature you will be unable to attend the course.

Class numbers have been reduced to encourage social distancing.

Masks will be worn. These will be provided, or you are welcome to bring your own.

Hand sanitizer is available at reception and in the classroom.

Mouth to Mouth will not be practiced. Each candidate will have their own manikins to practice on.

Tea and Coffee will not be served. Please bring your own snack/drink and lunch.




12:00 pm

Moving and Handling (People) Wednesday 21st October 2020


This course is suitable for all those working in the health and social sector in Northern Ireland who will be involved in the moving and handling of patients.



Sit to Stand practicing on each other will not be carried out. However candidates will be able to mimic and show footwork, body position and correct counting calls.
Sliding Sheet will be practiced with a full body manikin as the patient.
Placement of sling and use of hoist will be practiced using a full body manikin instead of a candidate as the patient.
Hands will be sanitised before and after approach to manikin for hoist or sliding sheet work
Aprons and masks will be worn by candidates