14 Certificates in 1 day - Blended learning

 Our Comprehensive Healthcare Refresher Course, a cutting-edge program that seamlessly blends mandatory practical training with interactive e-learning modules. This all-in-one course covers a wide range of critical topics to ensure you are well-prepared to provide safe and effective care in the healthcare industry

How it works: 

1.  Once you have registered you will be sent a link to complete the E-learning modules.  Complete these in your own time. All must be completed before attending the practical workshop, so please allow sufficient time to complete each course.

2. Attend the practical workshop. Come in comfortable attire. All candidates must be fit and able to engage in the practical components of this workshop.

3. Receive certificates: Upon successful completion, you'll receive certifications for each e-learning course module and a certificate for the practical workshop, demonstrating your commitment to excellence in healthcare.

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Course Date and Time Location Individual Price Available places Register
14 Certs in Day - Monday 17th June 2024 17-06-2024 9:30 am BELFAST £100.00 8
14 Certs in Day - Tuesday 16th July 2024 16-07-2024 9:30 am BELFAST £100.00 10
14 Certs in Day - Wednesday 14th August 2024 14-08-2024 9:30 am BELFAST £100.00 10

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